About FaithChannel

Welcome to FaithChannel

FaithChannel is a streaming media platform created to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission in Mark 16:15..."go into ALL the world and share the amazing news of the One true God and His Son, Jesus" We do this through storytelling, film, series, teachings, studies, informative truth-telling, worship, creative expressions...engaging all parts of a person, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational.

At FaithChannel, we delight in the opportunity to help introduce the global church to one another.

Our Team

Tim Gray

Founder and CEO

Tim Gray's passion for his faith and for film has urged him to discover new, creative ways of combining the two for over 30 years. Always forward thinking, he streamed Washington For Jesus - the first major Christian event and one of the first live events online - in April 1996 with Mark Cuban, a RadioShack phone, and a sign overhead reading, "Don't Hang Up!". Since then, he's been part of many other firsts, including negotiating the first religious program on E! Entertainment, launching the first Faith in Film panel at Sundance Film Festival starting in 2015 to standing-room-only crowds and receiving the only invitation extended to an American to speak on a panel of experts discussing film distribution at the Chinese International Film Congress in Beijing in 2017.

After two decades of experience in ministry and media, Tim launched Gray Media in 2004. Transitioning from traditional media into the streaming era, Gray Media represents many of the largest churches and nonprofits and distributes films and programs in over 150 countries and on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Studios and Apple TV.

In the past decade, Tim had some life-altering setbacks, including bankruptcy, marital separation and battles with addiction within his family. He had lost all hope but through rediscovering his faith in Christ, his life, marriage and family were restored, which led him to create Faith Channel to help people experience hope again and encounter the God who rebuilds, renews and restores.

Maureen Gray


With over thirty years of experience as a pastor, mentor and counselor, Maureen Gray has a desire to see people connect with God and experience His kingdom. With her husband, Tim, she co-founded Gray Media, which distributes Christian content to millions of people all over the world. They also co-founded Faith Channel, which started as a passion project but has grown into a mission to connect the global church through the power of media. Maureen and Tim have been married nearly forty years with six grown children and seven incredible grandchildren that fill her life with joy and exhaustion..

John Stewart

Co-Founder and Vice President of Technology and Operations
John Stewart, a USAF veteran, has been working in internet based technology since the early 1990s. While living in Southern California he got his start creating small footprint, internet based video games and developed web based solutions for clients such as Billabong, Kenwood, Cedar Sinai and others. In 1995 John accepted Christ and had a vision that one day he would be used to advance the Kingdom of God through the use of web technology. John relocated to Seattle accepting the position of Vice President of Interactive and Imagio Technology Marketing and Communications. Soon after John co-founded an internet start up that was initially named DailyShopper.com, the company name was later changed to DS Retail Technologies. This company serviced many of the top retailers in the US and was later sold to Tribune, Gannet, and Knightridder who later rebranded the company as ShopLocal.com. John is currently the Founder and CEO of FaithNetwork, a web services provider to Church and ministry. John currently serves as current partner and Vice President of Technology and Operations for FaithChannel.

Sam Gray

Partner and Director of Operations
Sam has a passion for all things media...of course he does, he's a millennial! He grew up watching Veggie Tales and having access to a smart phone by age 13. He lived in a household that breathed ministry-minded media...Suffice it to say, FaithChannel is in his DNA. Sam started attending media conferences and Sundance Film Festival while he was still in middle school. He studied for a time at LA Film school and since leaving California, he has come on board full time as an integral part of the launch team for FaithChannel.com. Sam has a passion to gather content for the entire family so each person has an opportunity to connect with programming that reaches his or her heart with hope, truth, excitement, challenge and laughter. Sam has walked in times where hope has been darkened and God has been hidden. He knows the power of experiencing stories through which his faith strengthened. Sam has an adorable 4 year old son, Hudson, who is often seen with him at conferences handing out FaithChannel coffee mugs.